A Stolen Life

A Stolen Life - Jaycee Dugard I started reading this book a long time ago, and I had to take a break from it for a while because a lot of the graphic details were too much for me to stomach. However, I decided to give it another shot because I wanted to see what happened to Jaycee, when she got older and was found etc.

Even though the writing was all over the place, for me it was both, disturbing and sad to read about the horrific situation and the awful abuse that Ms Dugaard had to endure during those 18 years. What amazed me throughout the story, was the fact that Jaycee still had a heart full of kindness, purity and hope, even after going through such a horrific experience. I also commend her on her strength to keep things going for the sake of her children.

By the end of the book, I was in tears because I felt so bad not just for Jaycee, but for her children as well as her mother. I only wish that both Jaycee, and her daughters have nothing but happiness, peace and best wishes for the future, they deserve it.